How to Make a Claim

  • You must notify your employer as soon as possible (within 30 days) after your injury to begin your workers’ comp claim process.


  • You and your employer will fill out a WC-1 form where you first report the injury, report the specific details of the injury like the date, time, cause, and nature of the injury.


  • You will then choose a doctor from a panel, which is a list of company-approved doctors that you receive from your employer. If there is no panel, you have the right to pick any doctor and the employer/insurer must pay.


  • The employer/insurer must immediately send you for treatment.


  • Your physician will evaluate your medical condition and may refer you to a specialist (like an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon).


  • Your employer/insurer must timely approve all referrals. If they do not your rights are being violated. Call us for a free consultation immediately.

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