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The cases we handle often involve a wide range of injuries including trucking accident injuries, spinal cord injuries, heart attacksbrain injuries, chemical burns, psychological injuries, catastrophic injuries – to name just a few. At Poirier Law, we offer compassionate and attentive advice and representation when it comes to addressing any of these matters. We have long approached our work with integrity, reliability, and the legal know-how that comes with over 15 years of experience.

You need to be informed about what’s going on with your case and we take great pride in making ourselves available to our clients personally and through communication. We strive to be accessible and to help you understand the sometimes complicated process along the way. We know how an injury can impact your life and hope that our compassion and communication make you feel in control of your life once again.

We know your rights and how to protect them. Let us fight your battle while you concentrate on your health and well-being.

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What They Are Saying About Us

Attorney Poirier is very knowledgeable about the tangled web of the workers compensation laws. She is patient and explains your rights as a client so you can make decisions in the best interest of your health, family, and well being. Great Attorney!


After an accident at work, I was looking for an attorney who could be really helpful. I was recommended to contact Julie’s office and it happened to be a good decision. When contacted, she wasted no time to respond and right away, she took all the legal steps to handle my case in a very effective way. My medical bills are being taken care of, my weekly check is being paid on time. Whenever I need some piece of information or whatever need in relation with my case, I can rely on my attorney Julie. It is truly a relief to know that she is here and that she cares!


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    Record Of Success

     Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $2,345,000
    Client tripped over a cord on the ground as she was exiting her desk resulting in injuries requiring numerous back surgeries. She was left with a permanent debilitating injury. We prevailed against the Employer/Insurer who fought the case stating the injuries were all pre-existing.

    Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $1,600,000
    Client injured his neck , shoulder arm and hand , resulting in double crush syndrome, and his foot, resulting in RSD, while performing his job duties , a large pallet fell on him.  We won a catastrophic designation.

     Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $1,500,000
    Client injured his back falling off the roof. He had numerous surgeries that resulted in failed back syndrome. We filed and won  a catastrophic designation.