Loss of Hearing and Vision and Eye Injuries

Losing your vision or hearing will change your life forever and Poirier Law wants to make sure you have the compensation you deserve to make the transition and your path to recovery as smooth as possible. In industrial and manufacturing environment protective goggles, helmets, and earplugs are key and can help protect one from hearing and vision loss as well as eye injuries. However, any work environment is susceptible.

  • Hearing damage or deafness can happen suddenly or overtime due to explosions, use of loud power tools or machinery, hum of cars in tunnels, scaffolding dropping, or a traumatic head injury. Hearing damage will impact your life, job, and requires medical appointments and hearing aides so it is important you file your claim and get a fair settlement.
  • Losing your eyesight can result from an eye injury or gradual vision loss until a worker is considered legally blind. Situations include particles in the eye, eyeball laceration from a power tool, chemical burns, constant exposure to bright lights, toxic fumes or smoke, or eyestrain from looking at a computer screen all day long. Vision damage or loss can impact you life and your ability to work so it is important to file a claim and make sure you get a fair settlement.

Poitier Law has experience with these types of cases and will fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve to cover any medical bills and lost wages. Call today for a free consultation.

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